A U T U M N / W I N T E R  2017

Commissioned by MACHINE-A's Stavros Karelis, Rei Nadal's latest film for DELADA showcases their A/W 17 collection and its multi-material, patchwork stylings. Mirroring the handcrafted aesthetic of the collection, the film sees DELADA favourites Alex Komarov Reinisch and Sophia Reinisch experimenting and painting amongst an artist studio set-up.

DELADA Collection 2

DELADA’s Collection 2, launched officially via a SHOWstudio’s exclusive fashion film ( ), directed by Rei Nadal,  commissioned and styled by Stavros Karelis (Machine-A). The Women's Collection will be presented to press and buyers at D /ARK /CONCEPT /PARIS 1-8 March 2017( ).

DELADA’s Collection 2 is inspired by the nostalgia of the designer’s childhood in Russia, this time specifically around her memories of the family’s 'Babushkin Sunduk' or grandma's trunk - the traditional trunk filled with inheritance knick-knacks in every Russian household, ubiquitous during the Soviet times. This is where all the most treasured family heirlooms were stored: dresses, suits, accessories - everything that was memorable or valuable and everything that grandparents and parents wanted to pass on to future generations. Playfully dressing up with everything that could be found in the trunk, from coats to traditional shirts and jackets, was a favorite activity for many Russian girls and boys. This is what inspired the new DELADA collection. It is a reflection of old styles and fashions of bygone Soviet times, blended into a playful modern AW17 men’s collection.

The DELADA AW17 collection shows the next evolution of the designer’s signature pieces, such as unisex oversized shirts with ultra-long cuffs and double-panelled construction; hand-embroidered oversized fine knitted sweaters; jewel-toned velvet biker jackets and flared trousers.

As new signatures, DELADA introduces unconventionally tailored artisanal pieces, such as deconstructed suits and blazers that can be styled in versatile ways, re-interpreting those “mix and match” childhood dress-up memories through a modern perspective. These progressive and contemporary pieces break up the rigid styles of the Soviet era in a playful and romantic way, by deconstructing the elements and reassembling them in a new proposition.

Collection 2 also showcases reversed tailoring that can be worn inside out; double-waist or relaxed trousers; and geometric pieces built from shirts and blazers’ parts that are re-worked together.