Following its successful Spring Summer 2017 collection, DELADA is proud to present its Collection 4 for Autumn Winter 2018/19.

The latest DELADA collection follows the designer’s continuous theme of her Soviet and Russian background, and this time draws inspiration from the character of the Russian “Provincial Urbanites” and their unique styles. Russian metropolitan cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg were a draw for new arrivals from the vast provincial areas of the Soviet regions, and the population of the cities reflected this unique“melting pot” of cultural and social backgrounds. In their desire of wanting to fit in with the chic city dwellers and their urban lifestyle, these newly arrived “Provincial Urbanites” brought with them a unique and distinctive blend of flair and style not seen anywhere else. With limited means, they wore whatever Soviet standard edition of practical clothes they brought with them and were worn in the countryside, but mixed it with whatever modern fashion item they could get their hands on from the latest city fashion trends. The “Flair of the Provincial Urbanites” is a reflection of this unique and distinctive mix of styles, types of clothes and mismatched fashion in their creative attempt to fit in with the fashionable city elite.


The Men's Collection and a preview of the Women's collection for AW18 was presented at
D /ARK /CONCEPT /PARIS   19 -24 JANUARY 2018    /   www.d-ark.co.uk


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