S P R I N G/  S U M M E R  2 0 1 7

Director Rei Nadal's fashion film, created exclusively for SHOWstudio and MACHINE-A, features DELADA's first full collection - a collection inspired by nostalgic memories of native Russia during the final years of the Soviet Union. These early childhood journeys are referenced throughout the film, with the face of DELADA, Alexander Komarov, frolicking amongst a forest setting. Commissioned by Stavros Karelis, styled by Ellie Grace Cumming.

DELADA is a constantly evolving  and updating signature wardrobe of contrasting romanticism of the past and its re-interpretation in modern aesthetics.

Embracing nostalgic heritage memories of native Russia during the final years of the Soviet Union; in particular the innocent spirit of living in the country side with its charming simplicity of its life style, a recollection of early childhood journeys across a motherland landscape in discovery of its soul.

Collection 1 represents The Romanticism story: peasant tops and dresses with printed field flowers, or off shoulder in shirting fabric, handmade knitwear and elements of art and crafts memories of the naïve Russian country side, alongside more fashion forward pieces as leather trousers and oversized shirts and biker jackets to complete the look and add a contemporary modern edge to the nostalgia.

DELADA has already developed great aficionados for signature pieces: unisex oversized shirt with ultra-long cuffs, that can be worn as a normal shirt tight fastening or opened up to a flare constituted by inserted double panels, some of these panels also seen on the shirts’ front - neck to bottom to make the fit skinny or oversized; hand-embroidered fine knitted sweaters, fluid long wide-legged trousers and dresses that stand away from the body as opposed to clinging to its curves. 

Coming from a long cultural family tradition of knitting and handcrafted embroidery, DELADA’s creative director Lada Komarova utilises techniques gathered from youth as the signature design elements of its collections. 

Male model and fashion new favourite Alexander Komarov, as seen on the catwalks shows of Lanvin, Hood By Air and Kenzo amongst others, son of the designer, is also the face of Delada, extending the romantic heritage in the edgy re-intepretation of today.