Following its successful launch of the Autumn Winter 2018 collection earlier this year, DELADA is presenting “RePURPOSED and ReBORN” for its Spring Summer 2019 collection for Men and Pre –Women  at the D /ARK /CONCEPT /PARIS Showroom from 22nd to 27th of June 2018.

“RePURPOSED and ReBORN” continues DELADA’s tradition and is inspired by Russian history and current political and cultural sentiment in Russia.  The initial inspiration was taken from the so-called The Peredvizhniki Art Movement during the 19th Century.  In 1863, a group of fourteen elite art students decided to leave the very prestigious Imperial Academy of Arts in Moscow and formed an artists' cooperative in protest of academic restrictions, which meant that art was only available to the aristocracy.  This movement was referred to as The Peredvizhniki, or The Wanderers in English in an effort to bring art to the people and to be accessible and appealing to the general population. These students espoused liberal ideas and all new art techniques and created a brand-new genre, rebelling against traditionalism. It is this movement to change and reform conservativism and modernise classical ways that inspired this new DELADA collection.

Starting with the concept of “tailoring”, this collection lifts it from traditional formalwear and brings it to street wear. Bringing a traditional technique to a modern fashion element and making it appeal to younger generation is a reflection of trying to change current Russian culture and fashion, which is still very conservative in its roots.

The collection takes suits and formal wear, domains of traditional fashion, and modernises them to become new DELADA staple styles in street wear. In other words, the collection takes conservative garment styles, fashion techniques, and traditional style categories and RePURPOSES them for modern street wear looks and gives them new life for a new audience of wearers. It RePURPOSES traditional styles and allows classic themes and styles to be ReBORN for a new generation of forward-thinkers.

The Men's and Pre –Women Collection for SS19 will be presented at
D /ARK /CONCEPT /PARIS 22 – 27 June 2018   /   www.d-ark.co.uk 

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